Statutory Accounts and Audit

All UK registered companies are obliged to prepare statutory annual accounts in the format and including the detail required by Company Law. Our cutting edge accounts preparation software can produce statutory accounts from a trial balance and a small database of other information quickly and economically.

In some cases your company may require an audit, which is essentially a verification process on the accounts. Many clients see this as an imposition with no benefits to themselves, so we have designed our audit procedures to feed back information acquired during the audit. This feedback is tailored to individual clients’ requirements and can include:

  • risk analysis
  • optimisation of management reporting from existing systems
  • reviews of credit control procedures
  • analysis of financial data against previous years in graphic or tabular form
  • recommendations for improvements in controls over key areas

Our aim is to use the audit as a platform for improved business management and information.

Management Accounts and Bookkeeping
A successfully run business needs to keep on top of all the legal documents and returns that must be completed on a regular basis. Bookkeeping is the heart of a well run business. It is a legal requirement to keep up-to-date accounting records which reflect the transactions and state of affairs of the company. From a practical point of view a successful business will use the reports provided by the company’s books in the decision making process. We assist our clients by showing them how to run efficient and meaningful bookkeeping systems by use of computers or manual systems. For some clients we actually maintain those records and provide timely understandable reports.

The bookkeeping records provide a wide range of information from management accounts through to legally required financial accounts. Such accounts are essential for assisting business in all areas of decision making, including profitability, cash flow and tax planning.